High-temperature insulation

Vermiculite Bricks (of which we manufacture)

Refractory insulation

Fireproofing of structural steel and pipes

Soil conditioner

Loose-fill insulation – AGA cookers as insulation

Packing material, valued for its high absorbency

Gas fireplaces to simulate embers

Light-weight insulative concrete

Additive to fireproof wallboard

Spray fireproofing

Part of a substrate for fungi cultivation

Component of the interior fill for firestop pillows, along with graphite

Soil additive for plants, together with perlite for potted plants

Commercial hand warmers

Growing medium for hydroponics.

Growing medium for hydroponics.

Means to permit slow cooling of hot pieces in glassblowing and glass beadmaking

Ground swimming pools to provide a smooth pool base

Suitable as a substrate for various animals and/or incubation of reptile eggs

Lightweight aggregate for plaster, proprietary concrete compounds

Explosives storage as a blast mitigant

Absorb hazardous liquids for solid disposal

Coating/impregnation on fiberglass

A carrier for dry handling and slow release of agricultural chemicals

Carrier for dry handling and slow release of agricultural chemicals

‘Hot Topping’: both exfoliated & crude vermiculite used ‘hot topping’ in the steel industry.


Vermiculite concrete roof deck systems allow architects, engineers and contractors versatility in design, high performance and reasonable cost. These systems will use a lightweight concrete consisting of Portland cement, water and vermiculite concrete aggregate. It is recommended that all vermiculite roof deck systems be applied by an applicator familiar with using and applying lightweight vermiculite concrete


Vermiculite concrete has excellent insulating properties. Three inches of vermiculite concrete is equivalent to 1 1/2″ of rigid board insulation laid over steel decks. One inch of vermiculite concrete is equal in insulating value to 20 inches of regular concrete.


Lightweight When compared with structural grade concrete, vermiculite concrete is 15% of the weight. This results in considerable savings from the footings thru the structural steel.


Vermiculite insulating concrete is easily placed by modern specially designed pumping equipment. Up to 25,000 square feet can readily be placed in one day.


The fireproofing characteristics of vermiculite concrete are recognized nationwide by insurance companies, state rating bureaus and local building officials. Underwriters’ Laboratories have assigned up to 4-Hour ratings to systems that employed vermiculite as one of the components.


Slope to drain systems employing vermiculite concrete and polystyrene vent board provide an economical solution to existing flat roofs with damage due to ponding of water.


Vermiculite concrete can be applied over a variety of bases, allowing architects and engineers ample flexibility in their design criteria. The thickness of the concrete can be varied to permit necessary slope to drain


Vermiculite concrete is suitable for installation over most structurally sound roofing systems with structural decks of concrete, metal, or wood. Care must be taken to properly vent decks poured over impervious materials.

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