Vermiculite Screeds

Waterproofing Africa has installed thousands of square meters of Vermiculite screeding. On roof tops, inside bedrooms, walkways patios, boarded systems and IBR Roofing. There is only one way to do it, rather get a quote than pay heavily in school fees


Insulation to corrugated, IBR and boarded roofing
Lightweight floor screeds insulating against cold
Industrial and domestic insulation applications
A cushioning base for structural floors
Fire proofing of floors, walls and roofs
To prevent condensation on ceilings
A base for radiant heated floors
To raise existing floor levels
Oven & furnace insulation


No expansion joints required
1/5 normal weight on concrete reduces deadweight
Keeps buildings cool in summer and conserves heat in winter
Provides a permanent, non-warping base for all surface materials
Surfaces can easily be laid to falls (1:10) to prevent ponding on flat roofs
Cost effective alternative to conventional block and beam roofing systems
Reduces structural movement (opening and closing of joints) in the roof due to solar heating
Totally incombustible, providing extended access for emergency personnel across roof in the event of a fire

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