Meet the Moooka

This is a one-piece, hands-free Silicone Breast Pump!

The Moooka applies a gentle constant suction by means of an air pocket and it’s that simple. It’s a one-squeeze application that applies enough suction to effectively draw milk out from the breast.

It isn’t as aggressive as an electric or manual pump, which makes it comfortable and gentle for mom. It will therefore draw milk out at a slightly slower rate when compared to traditional pumps, however because it’s hands-free, you can fit it into your routine with your newborn instead of having to stop your routine in order to pump.

It is an active breast pump and not a milk collector as you may think from first impressions.

A breastfeeding mom's essential!

Unlike traditional manual and electric breast pumps, The Moooka is gentle enough to be used early on in your breastfeeding journey. While also being efficient enough to pump throughout your journey and conveniently build up a good freezer stash.

It’s hands-free nature makes it the easiest pump to use while feeding baby on one side, or practically doing anything else (cleaning, cooking, brushing your teeth, applying make up and driving to name a few).

Best of all it’s one-piece, easy to clean, completely silent, requires no assembly and does not need batteries, electricity or hand pumping whatsoever! It’s also handbag sized and is the perfect on-the-go or travel pump.

It is an incredibly versatile pump helping you set up your breastfeeding journey with baby from day one. It can be used to extract colostrum, cup feed your baby, encourage milk to come in and to relieve engorgement!

Read more about how Moooka can come to the rescue in the first few days of breastfeeding:

Everything included?

Every Moooka Pump sold also includes a:

Plastic Lid – To keep the dust out after cleaning

Non-Spill base – To avoid it toppling over when you set it down

Neck Stopper – To plug the top and keep that milk safe until you are able to decant the milk for storage or to feed to baby

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for everything you need to know about how a Moooka works, how to clean and sterilize it, how to store breast milk and more…

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